"The composer stimulates listening by diversifying the scenes, sometimes in a bare voice or purely instrumental, such as this bass clarinet solo - Alain Billard very eloquent - which ends the monodrama in a heartbreaking way, on the evocation of the tears of the Emperor Titus."

Michèle Tosi, Res Musica

Blaise Ubaldini is an original music personality and one of the most promising composers of his generation. His expressive and uniquely inspired music moves between an insatiable desire for vitality and color, and a search for depth and authenticity.

He is a musician with an eclectic background – a classically-trained clarinetist who also does improvisational music and rock - he rubs shoulders with some of the greatest soloists from all musical scenes, classical, contemporary, jazz, world-music, and creates unique and unexpected encounters around his work and those who collaborate with him. In the monodrama Bérénice, which was created at IRCAM in 2014, he explored with the Swiss actress, Caroline Imhof, and soloists from the Intercontemporain ensemble, an unprecedented osmosis between theater and music. In 2016, he created Love song for a Long-term Hatred with the Israeli trombonist Alon Stoler and the Chémirani trio, a prestigious Iranian percussion ensemble. He also collaborated as a clarinetist and arranger with the Tunisian virtuoso brothers, Amine & Hamza Mraihi, and the cellist, Vincent Ségal, on the album Fertile Paradoxes.
Blaise’s work integrates and merges unconventional and creative elements – going beyond just instrumental music, with texts, songs, onomatopoeias, into musical discourse, like so many authentic gestures or behaviors, constantly questioning the nature and memory of human beings and music. An example is the wind quintet In the backyard, created in 2018 by the soloists of the ensemble Intercontemporain at Wigmore Hall in London and dedicated to two characters from Twin Peaks, the flagship series by the American director David Lynch.

He began composition with William Blank in Lausanne, then studied with Michael Jarrell and Luis Naón in Geneva and then Ircam in Paris for two years. During this time, he met conductor Pierre Bleuse, who conducted Blaise’s chamber opera 4.48, which won him the 2013 SACD New Talent Music Prize, and also worked with soprano Tatiana Probst, with whom he created Sunbathing for voice and electronics at Ircam.

Blaise has a degree in Indian studies from the Faculty of Oriental Languages and Civilizations at the University of Paris. He does in-depth work on languages and voice, and expands his musical journey by writing texts to be part of the music as a literary element of his work.

He collaborates with the ensemble Intercontemporain, the conductor Pierre Bleuse, the Collegium Novum Zürich, the Geneva Chamber Orchestra, the ensemble Accroche Note, the soprano Liz Pearse, the flutist Shanna Pranaitis, the Lucerne Festival Alumni Ensemble, the clarinetist Martin Adàmek, the Indiana University New Music Ensemble, the quartet Hélios, the vocal ensemble Exaudi, the company CH.AU, the ensemble Matka, the duo Interference.

He is recording a new CD with Parisian label Paraty (distribution PIAS/Harmonia Mundi), that will be released in Spring 2022.